Games Night 2020-07-07: Hunt Showdown (The night we all died)

Welcome to another Rand(Nerds); game night, this week playing Hunt Showdown. Once again were joined by Zabermoul to form a trio and take on the bayou.

It…. Doesn’t go quite according to plan.

Skazz video stream dropped out so we don’t have much of his Footage, so our story will be told from Ram and Zaber streams.

You can join us on our next game night on Tuesdays at approx 20:00 GMT. Watch either Skazz or Ram’s streams below


Games Night 2020-06-30: Hunt Showdown (Trios with Zabermoul)

Back with Hunt: Showdown this games night, we have a guest player in the form of Zabermoul who joins us for a few matches this evening.

TheSuffolkRam’s stream tanked for the first match so we only have Skazz for the first section.

We’re taking a more cautious approach this time, concentration on building up our hunters rather than getting every bounty.

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Games Night 2020-06-17: Player Unknown Battlegrounds (Stadia)

In this game night episode, Skazz and TheSuffolkRam give the recently released Stadia version of PUBG a go. neither has played the game before, and it turns out they are apparently one of the best pairs of players in the world.

Watch as they defeat their foes to score the lucrative ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ repeatedly. But there is a catch….

You can Join Skazz and Ram on their game nights everyweek. Check out their twitch channels below:


Podcast switch to Anchor

Hi everybody

We’re made the decisions to switch podcast hosting from our own site to external service Anchor.

Currently were only aviable on iTunes, but with Anchor we are able to easily access other services

If you’re subscribed on iTunes you’ll notice no difference, but out show notes will be moving to Anchor so you won’t see any more podcasts listed here.

You can visit our new Anchor site below, and the Latest Podcast link will now re-direct to our site on there

The new Rand(Nerds); Anchor site

Rand(Nerds); Episode 142

Welcome to episode 142, We’re still locked down, so sorry for any audio problems.

TheSuffolkRam has been trying to find a lost boy in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. You have to solve a series of murders using some strange supernatural abilities

Skazz has revisited Ys on the TurboGrafx-16, But mainly he and Ram have been playing Player Unknown: Battlegrounds. Turns out we are the best players currently on the Stadia version…. sort of…

We also discuss more Hunt Showdown including Ram’s issues with spiders

Ram has been watching a terrible film with Jurassic World: Unnecessary sequel, sorry, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

We also discuss horse style hair cuts, t-shirts, and confusing tourists, and how we would run a counter-terrorist organization.


Deduce the clues and find Ethan in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Think you good at Battle Royal? try an take Ram and Skazz on Pubg, now available on Stadia

Still hunting in crazy monsters in Hunt Showdown

Go visit Hope County

Another bad dinosaur movie with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

Games Night 2020-06-09: Hunt Showdown (Ram gets scared)

Skazz and TheSuffolkRam return to the bayou in another Hunt Showdown for this weeks game night

Unfortunately for Ram he gets to encounter one of his favorite creatures, the duo have to hunt and take down the spider monster. Triggering Ram Acrophobia.

They also get into a tense cat and mouse game with a pair of other players with burnt bodies and hiding in bushes.

You can Join Skazz and Ram on their game nights everyweek. Check out their twitch channels below:


Rand(Nerds); Episode 141

Welcome to episode 141, Kicking off with discussing of our preferred lockdown supermarkets, and negotiation with Covid-19

Skazz kicks off with discussing the now western relase of Phantasy Star Online 2. A games that has been out in Japan for appormently 8 years. They’ve made a number of changes to the game, which Skazz is less then please about.

TheSuffolkRam has been playing very Deus Ex feeling cyberpunk game with Observer, a mostly walking simulator with some survival horror elements. A really deep dark word involving mind rape, nanobots that eat people, and a big evil corporation.

We talk about out newest feature, the Rand(Nerds); Game Night. We’ve played a couple of games. A co-op puzzle game We Were Here in which skazz freezes to death, drowns, and gets stabbed. whilst Ram gets murdered. Plus how we got totally owned in Hunt Showdown.

Ram talks about his continuing delve into HOTAS gaming, and his strange key configs.


Rapid leveling in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Explore peoples minds as a cyberpunk police officer with Observer_

Finding Observer_ FOV sickening? Here a guide to fix that.

Check out our Game Night videos here.

Our first two Game Nights games: We Were Here and Hunt: Showdown

Thanks for Listening, Come watch our next Livestream on the 20th June 2020 at 21:30 GMT+1 on our YouTube channel  and Twitch


TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

Games Night 2020-06-02: Hunt Showdown (first look)

We return for another of our games nights, this week trying out recent shooter Hunt Showdown.

We take on the roles of hunters trying to track down a variety of strange monsters in a horror wild west setting. Along the way we have to deal with strange creatures and other players who are also after the quarry and are quite happy to kill and steal to win.

This is our first try of the game, TheSuffolkRam has just player the tutorial mission, Skazz hasn’t played it at all. Watch us stumble our way around and get owned by other players. But overall we still had a blast and look forward to trying our luck again.

You can Join Skazz and Ram on their game nights everyweek. Check out their twitch channels below: