Rand(Nerds); Episode 1

SPOILER WARNING: We discuss Dishonored and reveal a lot of ending details about the game.

This episode we talk about FFXIV, what a bad job Corvo did as lord protector, being hunted by Prince Charles, running in a wok and how stressful it is to type names into text box and then hitting the search button.

Hi all

Well its finally here! Our first podcast is now online. We’re finding our feet with it a little still, and I was dying with a cold through the episode, but otherwise all good.

We’re still in the process of getting listed on iTunes, but untill then you can listen here:

Or, you can see it on YouTube


The homepage for Final Fantasy XIV if you want to run around with Luke.

You can purchase Dishonored the Brigmore Witches here.

Or if you want something a bit more old school and experience the stress of typing text and beeping, have a look at Uplink.

Fancy being hunted in the British Countryside? Have a look at Sir, you are being hunted

Fancy a go at game-making? have a look at Unity, and here’s a decent tutorial to get you started.

Fancy running about in a wok? Take a look at the Omni.

And now see gaming on a USB drive.

Enjoy the podcast guys,

Anything you think we should talk about? Weird news to blow luke mind with? Or just want to ask us a question? You can email us here.

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Until next time guys


Nick and Luke

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