Dishonoured: The Brigmore Witches – Review

Well. I completed Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches last week, And I a thought it would be good to post some of my feelings about the game. Before we begin, Just a warning, there will be some very minor spoilers in the post. If you want to experience the game fresh, stop reading now.

First up, it’s a better the Blade of Dunwall. The levels overall (with the exception of the first) feel bigger. The last level of Blade was a real disappointment, it felt confusing and linear compared to the first two, but I can happily report that Brigmore does not have this issue. Incidentally, it would be worth getting Blade if you don’t already own it, as you can import your save from the previous DLC, including all your upgrades and cash. The only problem I had with this, was that I finished Blade with the low Chaos ending. When I tried to import the save into Brigmore, the game said I had ended with Blade with high chaos. I can only assume the Blade bases it’s ending on your actions in the first two levels of the DLC, but Brigmore bases it’s import on your actions for all three levels. This means that if you, like me, decided on the last level to just take everyone down and have some fun, you’re going to have to be more careful in Brigmore. One thing I can say, even with a high chaos import, it is still possible to get the low chaos ending.

The games gives you three levels. The first takes you back to Coldridge, the prison where Corvo was incarcerated, and sees you mounting a prison rescue. This is the smallest of the levels in the DLC, and perhaps the one with the smallest amount of scope, but it still a good level overall. Interestingly, there is no assassination to do in this level, instead you are breaking someone out, this is a nice brake from the rest of the game.

Level two, takes you to a once wealthy part of the city that has fallen on hard times due to the plague. It is now the battle grounds between two gangs, you can either avoid them, or after getting so far through the main story quest they will become friendly to you.  this is by the far the best level of the DLC, not least because it fool you with its size, once you think you’ve completed it, you still got another large part of the level to do. This brings me onto my biggest criticism of the game, I’ll be quite vague, to prevent spoiling. You are given a choice, which cant be bypassed, as it part of the main quest line. The choice at first seem a morale one, and their is quite clearly a good and bad way to complete this, however, taking the morally right side will cause consequences that will result in a high chaos rating. there is no way to counter this, despite the situation being set up in such a way it sounds as if you could avert it. So if you want to be a low chaos player, you’ve got to stick with the morally wrong option.

This bring us onto the final level, infiltrating a manor. You start in the grounds, have to scout out the area, before finding your own way in. If you every played the Thief series of games, you can easily see the influence on the design, especially at the end. I can’t say too much without spoiling the game, but i will say its a fitting final level for both DLC pack, and after finishing it, i Imminently wanted to play it again!

Weapon wise, you get all the toys from the Blade, their are some useful upgrades. The one that stands out is the upgrade for the chokedust, this make enemy’s forget they’ve been chasing you and return back to the normal routes (assuming they don’t see you). This very useful for when you find yourself in a situration of being attacked by multiple guards, and has turned chokeduct from being pepper you throw in someone face into something useful.

Character wise, Daud characterisation is excellent, I felt I knew a lot about him just from his simple comments he makes, he sounds like someone you could a have some smalltalk with in a pub over a pint (although I probably wound not leave my drink alone with him) I get the feeling he cares about his assassins, and is prepared to have some banter with them. Early on, he overhears two of his assassins discussing turning him in, his response is a simple ‘I promise I’ll come quietly’. This says all i need to know about Daud, despite the threat to his leadership, he simply turns the situation into a joke. I get the feeling that Daud is world weary, the assassination of the empress has been a big strain for him, and hes looking for redemption before moving on. There is one final moment for Daud, a picture of him performing an action that is both symbolic, and is his way of atonement for his actions. I cant say what it is without spoiling it, but if you play and get the low chaos ending you’ll know what I mean.

So, should you buy The Brigmore Witches? Well in my view it depends, if you have all the previous DLC, then yes, get it, you wont be disappointed. if you don’t own Blade of Dunwall, Buy it and play that first. if you don’t own Dishonored at all, I would wait, I would not be surprise if we don’t see a game of the year edition out for Christmas. Overall, i would recommend buying this game.

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