Rand(Nerds); Episode 6 – Christmas Special

Merry Christmas to everyone!, This episode we talk about a small indie film, the Postal series, another farming game, and the PC gamer play some old PS2 games. We also discuss our different play styles, old school multi-player games, digital distribution services. We complete forget ID’s contribution to the game industry and how to keep your real Christmas tree looking its best.


See what delayed the podcast recoding, with Ryan Connolly’s short film Proximity

Relive the old PS2 days with PCSX2

Go Postal with Luke, do tell the morale guardians!

Master a complex gearbox with Professional Farmer 2014

Revisit Rapture (after finishing Bioshock: infinite!) in Bioshock: Burial at Sea

Get a good sequal to Devil May Cry with Bayonetta 2

Have a look at sky one game show we couldn’t remember?

Anything you think we should talk about? Weird news to blow Luke mind with? Or just want to ask us a question? You can email us here.

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Until next time guys


Nick and Luke

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