Rand(Nerds); Episode 7

This month we were on a time limit and used a different way of recording, so we may seem a bit rushed and audio a bit rough. We get joined by our new regular Rand(Nerd); Adam Thorn, we discuss how the ‘Promise of Tits’ applies to game making, possible spin off and sequels to Amnesia: A machine for pigs. Games we were meant to playing and didn’t, Super Mario Wii World, the lack of Vikings in game, A decent Capcom game, the first episode of the Walking Dead Season 2 and Dragons Crown. We do our first (possibly last) film review for The Hobbit and look forward to be griefed in Dark Souls 2. We also discuss some hard core Farming Simulator Mods, Elder Scrolls bugs, Dolphin physiology, shield bashing old ladies, and failing to finish old games. — oh, and Spoiler Alert for the first Mario Game.


Squeal like a piggy (maybe) with Amnesia: A Machine for pigs.

WiiU System Seller Super Mario 3D world.

Tiny Barbarian, a modern-retro game.

Go home to a really short non-combat game.

Board of running with Sonic, Try walking!

Help a duck find his Fortune.

Help a little girl survive a zombie infested world.

A game I actually thought was spelt Mirror Master Daemon Blade

Can you speak Japanese, enjoy JoJo Anime

Want something to push you over the edge? Enjoy being Griefed/Like Griefing? look forward to Dark Soul 2

Punch a dragon with a dwarf.

Use the program to make sure you W is working correctly.

You too can also tour a virtual french gallery.

And yes, Dolphins do.

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Until next time guys


Nick, Luke and Adam

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