Rand(Nerds); Episode 8

This month on the new positive podcast we discuss System Shock 2, Classic NES games, our love of rag-doll effects and the saviors of the game industry, we re-discuss Muramasa, how were not looking forward to Thief 4 and the TV series Sherlock and Vikings. Luke talk about hardware with the hard drive busting Panasonic GH4 and and retro game friend Retron 5. We also talk about saving games from the floods, Nick’s inability to pronounce names and Benedict Cumberbatch parents. we also ask the question: where is the future for Nintendo?


Before Infinite there was Bioshock, and before Bioshock there was System Shock 2.

In case you missed then last time, have another look at Muramasa and Thief 4.

Fancy being pushed over the edge into manic depression? play Metro 2033.

A modern re-interpretation of classic deerstalker hat wearing detective. And TV programs about Nordic invaders and an alternative.

Relive classic times with the Retron 5.

Lots of hard drive space you need filled, get the Panasonic GH4.

And here are Benedict Cumberbatch Mother and Father that none of us had heard of.

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Until next time guys


Nick, Luke and Adam

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