Rand(Nerds); Episode 10

SPOILER ALERT: We discuss the recent series of Jonathan Creek with forewarning of spoilers. This episode we display an inability to move on any new section and going off topic more often then normal, only one of us has been playing a game recently, Nick been recording and pissing off people in Deus Ex: The Fall. We talk about Valve’s new film Free To Play and our dislike for DOTA 2 and how we need peace between all gamers. We look into drinking on the podcast and going to the Red Dragon Inn. We carry on working on getting threaten by North Korea and ending up on a Government blacklist and plan out a dictators DnD game followed by a podcast. We also discuss the massive price for GalCiv 3 Alpha and being charged for a Demo of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero.


Experience the combination of poor voice acting and great game play with Deus Ex: The Fall

See how Dota 2 ruined the lives of 3 gamers with Free To Play

Experience quirky British humor and mystery with Jonathan Creek

Have a childhood that Nick missed out on with Adventure Time

Get yourself drunk (either in reality or in game) at the Red Dragon Inn

Pay through the nose for GalCiv 3 or a Demo of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero

Solve your own murder in Shadow of Memories

And relive the joy of Thundertits with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth

Finally, see some scammers as you’ve never seen them before

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Until next time guys


Nick, Luke and Adam

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