Rand(Nerds); Episode 11

This episode we move fully into the 21st century by doing our first livesteam. It will be a cleaner podcast as Luke is banned from swearing. We discuss Final Fantasy 7 with Nick probably being the only gamer in the world who hasn’t played it and managed to miss the Deus Ex: HR homage to it. Luke discusses the Japanese mech game Gundam Breaker. We also talk about how Duke Nukem needs to mature and game for people who like smashing things with Lego Lord of the Rings. We look back fondly at Gamespy and discuss its shutdown, we also learn Nick is easily scared and Adam can’t tell his ovis aries from his Capra aegagrus hircus.


Relive/Try a 17 year old classic with some crap Square Enix stuff on top with Final Fantasy 7.

Enjoy the in depth ‘Squiggle Writing’ with Gundam Breaker.

Are you the sort of person who enjoys smashing and collecting things? try the Lego series.

Worried about Gamespy shutting down, try Gameranger.

Want to enjoy a really in-depth character from the past, see Duke Nukem.

Any game can be improved by adding Monty Python to it, see fluxx for example.

The fantastic original and excellent sequel to Deus Ex

Learn how to preform proper stealth with Thief 2

Also See Adam, Luke’s and Nick’s alternate lives

The non-mystery dumping of a game that tried to kill Atari – ET: The Extra Terrestrial

Where are they now? the Dead or Alive Actresses

What you own Kim Jong Un? Now you can!

Anything you think we should talk about? Weird news to blow Luke mind with? Or just want to ask us a question? You can email us here.

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Nick, Luke and Adam

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