Rand(Nerds); Episode 12

Welcome to our the podcast where everything goes wrong, sound drops out, laptops blow up and we get attacked by Lukes children. We discuss dynasty warriors 8 complete, the last bioshock infinite DLC and a variety of classic games. Luke explains how babies are created and Adam reviles what accent to use to get the best out of your xbox one and how it will lead us to a wall-e style future. We also get scared when one of our listeners found out about us during a discussion on the right to privacy and how Luke is now an enemy of the state.


See Chinese history through the eye of Eastenders with Dynasty warriors 8 complete edition.

Let all the universes combine with Bioshock: infinite burial at sea part 2

The classic game of Back to the future on NES, Bear knuckle 3 on the SEGA megadrive, Probotecter on NES

Another random video game show.

and finally, to answer your questions, this is Linford Christie

You don’t walk into a game called Middle earth shadow of Mordor

The book Luke keep gushing about, Ready Player One

For those who missed our first podcast, the omni

Like the idea of pushing models round a board, try the new 7th edition of Warhammer 40k

Get a watchdogs-esk life about you on with Digital Shadow

Not vodaphone, but T-mobile, however they showed a version of the Royal Wedding I would watch

Have you own little dictator with the Kim Jung Un Bobblehead

Samsung aliens-esk turret

Anything you think we should talk about? Weird news to blow Luke mind with? Or just want to ask us a question? You can email us here.

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Nick, Luke and Adam

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