Rand(Nerds); Episode 13

The Episode, Nick and Luke discuss Watchdogs, agree about everything and then come to completely different conclusions, plus we get to bash uPlay some more. We talk about our ‘studio’ and how we making our podcast more professional. We discuss the latest World Wide Developer Conference from Apple and how its new releases will make us all hypochondriac and lazy. We also look how big scale companies are trolling people, mainly by scaring the crap out of them


Here what Nicks friend daughter thinks He look like

Learn how to hack everything using ‘Q’ with Watchdogs

A simulator for writing letters for Royalty.

Even the big companys troll with both Ubisoft and Sony, A Brazilian TV Network Plus some regular people  doing it as well

the bean-like building in Chicago

And yes, you can drift a horse

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Nick, Luke and Adam

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