Rand(Nerds); Episode 14

We don’t talk about Double Dragon 2, instead we play the really hard game Kid Icarus and the other Nintendo inspire game Tiny Barbarian DX. Bard talks about the latest anime violent feast JoJo Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders before briefly talking about traitors among friends with The Resistance: Avalon and more in depth with Cheese Cheaty Mage’s. We also go into an E3 Bonanza looking at a huge list of game were looking forward too. We also discover Maoam is highly addictive, and try and make Skazz spend his money on Steam sale before he is forced to buy a PS4, we have a minor distraction by Mother, we talk about re-naming the podcast after murdering people with xbox’s and our start in gaming, and Ram gets upset over Deus Ex The Fall


The game we don’t talk about, Double Dragon 2

Want a really hard Nintendo Game, look up the original Kid Icarus, and if you after something more modern have a look at Uprising

looking for a retro 8-bit NES game? have a look at Tiny barbarian DX

Like a bit of horrific anime violence? watch Jojo bizarre adventure: stardust crusaders

Be a traitor amounts your friends The Resistance: Avalon or bet and cheat against them with Cheaty Mages

E3 bonanza:
Skazz and Bards Highlights

TheSuffolkRams Highlights

Enjoy the additive of Maoam: Pinballs

The game that will make Skazz buy a PS4 hyperdimension neptunia victory 2

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Bard

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