Rand(Nerds); Episode 18

With the looming threat of the blue screen of death over our heads we lung forward into episode 18, Bard talks about purchasing a WiiU with Skazz and his experences of it as a new user and where Nitendo need to improve. Ram install a game that’s been sitting on his steam account for a few years with Psychonauts and finds a good game let down by bad gameplay. We have a review by Bard of Gurdians of the Galaxiy and following on with the space theme Ram look’s forward to Doctor Who series 8 and another Farming Simulator. We also pay a tribute and reflect on the sad news of Robin Williams Suicide.


Join Bard and Skazz in the world of WiiU

TheSuffolkRam been experiencing weirdness with Psychonauts

Missing you fix of Racoon people? then Guardians of the Galaxy is for you

Info on the new series of Doctor Who and TheSuffolkRam’s reviews

Plough Soil! Harvest Wheat! Fell Trees! and more with Farming Simulator 15

We’ll miss you Robin William

Before The Hobbit, before The Lord of The Rings, Peter Jackson early work in Braindead

Have a tree giving you problem, get revenge with a Tree Harvester

Tom Frances epic Galactic Civilization diary

Need you fix of sheep? Heading to Devon, Look no further then The Big Sheep

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Bard

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