Rand(Nerds); Episode 19

Yea! We’re one year old! We celebrate with cake which almost ends in disaster as is the Rand(nerds); tradition. We look at Metro: Last Light, Dishonored, Monster Hunter, The Wonderful 101, Portal 2 and Minecraft. We talk about how steam is killing the future of the high street. Bard talks about Planet Hulk, other superhero movies and story lines. We look at the new, as yet unnamed 3DS. TheSuffolkRam look back at The Walking Dead season 2 after the release of final episode featuring spoilers. We invent words, discuss how games are terrible at endings and multiple choices in game


A sequel so good we made up words Metro: Last Light, and watch TheSuffolkRam’s Lets play of it

A game TheSuffolkRam likes and Skazz and Bard hate Dishonored

And a game Bard and Skazz love: Monster Hunter

Odd look superheros with The Wonderful 101

A classic game with Portal 2

A strangely addictive block carving game with Minecraft

Why you should be more careful shooting mutants into space with Planet Hulk

How to make robots trust each other in portal 2

Have sheep gained the power of Levitation? or been turned into a weird new Drone? decide for yourself:







Courtesy of BBC News

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Bard

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