Rand(Nerds); Episode 21

In this episode, which features a new angle for our video viewers thanks to some new hardware, we discuss Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Skazz and Ram have a strange game swap when Skazz learns the joy of long distance driving in a big truck and develops road manners, and Ram starts with minecraft and how he performs massive land clearance to increase his sheep empire. Bard looks at the slightly disappointing Hyrule Warriors and a new Gauntlet game. We find out who’s the most obsessed with steam, with perhaps some surprising conclusions. Plus, how Skazz has been banned before starting a game


We mentioned it last month, well bard played it: Donkey Kong Tropical freeze

TheSuffolkRam collection of games, the crap Fist of Awesome, the hard PID, and the great classic MDK

You too can have your own environmentally damaging sheep farm in Minecraft

Or live out your dreams of driving a big rig across Europe with Eurotruck Simulator 2

Bard minor disappointing Hyrule warriors

Have your own podcast streaming laptop with the Asus G550

An arcadey mech simulator with Hawken

All old school slash em ups with Gauntlet

Skazz favorite book may be having a film on the way

Make your own unique minecraft feature with the Fountain of cats.

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Bard

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