Rand(Nerds); Episode 32

Welcome to episode 32 of the Rand(Nerds); podcast, this episode Ram’s been playing and once very expensive early access game with Galactic Civilizations 3 a game were you get to nod politely at aliens. Hes also been watching an old anime Cowboy Bebop and had some mixed feelings about it. Bard been looking at a couple of kickstarters, the bringing back of a saga classic game ToeJam and Earl, and the dragons crown inspired The Vagrant.

Skazz brings up about Steam Machines and Steam OS and we discuss the implications for console and PC gamers. We look back at early access game including how the developers have responded to the complaints of Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1, Ram now joining Armello and playing a rabbit, we also look at the news of Leonard Nimoy recent death.


Take over the galaxy with Galactic Civilization 3

Watch the classic anime, and perhaps enjoy it more the TheSuffolkRam with Cowboy Bebop

Bard watching two kickstarters: ToeJam and Earl and The Vagrant

The future of PC gaming? Steam machines

A tribute to a fine actor, RIP,  Mr Spock

Another dubious attempt at a home PC game console Project Phantom

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Bard

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