Rand(Nerds); Episode 37

In this episode Ram has been dying a pointless death in the middle of a wasteland with Neo Scavenger, involving hiding, freezing to death and plastic bags. Chalky been playing The Elder Scrolls online and talks about changes and how its now a playable game and its similarity to Skyrim, Skazz has a rant about cross platform play and how the Dreamcast managed does it better then modern consoles.

Bard been watching a oldish Animal film featuring illegal street racing on other plants of unimaginative robots with Redline. For a change Skazz remembers what he put in the note for a change talking about the Shenmue chapters. We discuss the perils of hiding in wardrobes and pick on Great Yarmouth a bit and Bard cannibalistic tendency.


Die a meaningless death in Neo Scavanger

A now playable game with The Elder Scrolls Online

A film about racing on robot planets with Redline

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz, Bard and Chalky

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