Rand(Nerds); Episode 38

Welcome to episode 38 of the  Rand(Nerds); podcast, sorry for the quality of the audio, we had some technical difficulties. In this episode TheSuffolkRam has been playing dungeon keeper style game with Evil Genius, a game involving micromanagement and putting people in food mixers. Bard been playing a game called Lisa involving a great white flash and locking people in basements.

Skazz had a nice surprised, he found he owned an Amiga A600, that still amazingly works unlike most A500’s due to leaky batteries, Bard also explains his love of the Amstrad CPC. We also discuss the sad news of the recent death of Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, and his contributions to the industry

Bard been watching a classic Anime series featuring a German who happens to be dressed as a Nazi with Kinnikuman and also a new series called overlord featuring a wizard in a MMORPG about to be shut down. Ram admits he made a fool of himself in a previous podcast, and Skazz has a Rant about cross platform games not allowing you to transfer characters.

We also discuss dangers of Jack Russel dog’s, what Sonic the hedgehog sounds like, how much Bard likes Alan Sugar and how Ram was accidentally made an network admin.


A game featuring one of TheSuffolkRam’s sheep with Evil Genius

Play as a Kung fu master called Brad who locks people in his basement in Lisa: The Painful RPG

Bard favorite computer the Amstrad CPC

Skazz been re-experiencing the joys of Amiga A600

The Origins of the Ouija – a commercial board game

The life and times, and sad death of Satoru Iwata

Bard classic Anime Kinnikuman and his new one set in a MMORPG with Overlord

Below is Ram’s highly detailed drawing of Skazz in Zork, in a dark room with his Lantern switched off.

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Bard.

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