Rand(Nerds); Episode 39

After another hiatus, the Rand(Nerds); return (well bard turns up later – SPOILERS) to bring you episode 39. Both Ram and Skazz have been playing a defecation simulator with ARK survival evolved and managed to hunt dinosaurs and build a thatch house. Skazz has been been playing the new Halo game with Destiny: The Taken King and his annoyance with robot voices. Ram been watches a modern version of the x-files with J. J. Abrams Fringe, a TV series featuring and FBI agent, conman, stoned mad scientist and a cow. We very briefly discuss iTunes now effectively being illegal in the UK thanks to the ‘UK Music’ and ‘Basca’  winning a idiotic ruling, but before we can too in depth, we are disturbed by Bards arrival, just in time for weird news.


You too can have a poo with Ark: Survival Evolved

And have a look at Ram’s first impression

Listen to a re-dubbed robot with Destiny: The Taken King

One of J.J. Abrams better series, Fringe

How idiots in the music industry are ruining iTunes

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz, and Bard

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