Rand(Nerds); Episode 40

Welcome to the mid life crisis episode 40, where we briefly discuss re-branding as a philosophy podcast. Bard been playing a game not about sofas or Coronation Street with One Piece Pirate Warriors based on an incredibly long running Anime. TheSuffolkRam has been playing a PC classic with Farcry, a very hard game with huge levels and full of mutants from a time when everyone used asked about a new PC: “But will it run Farcry?”. Bard also been playing DLC for his game of last year, Shovel Knight, in Plague of Shadows he takes on the role another one of the Knight who can triple jump!

Skazz has joined the dark side and switched to Linux, using Ubuntu with Gnome (Who isn’t a small friend of of Skazz, as Bard thought) on something called a Beebox. We talk about different distro’s and our previous experience with it and the strange system requirement to grow a beard. Bard talks about the MMO Wildstar which has now switched to a Free to Play model and involved having health shot into you. We also discuss the old style of subscription based MMO’s and the perils of switching between models for existing players.

We also talk about the french version of the Blackberry, Why there is a lack of Elvis impersonators and how to correctly debate on the Internet


Bard latest played warriors game: One Piece Pirate Warriors and the Anime its based on.

Not becoming a warriors game: Coronation Street

Ram enjoying the hard as nails original Farcry, and the less good console spin offs.

And Al was the name with the magical computer from Quantum Leap

A Novalogic  battlefield like game with Joint Operations

Play as a knight with Plague with the later DLC for Shovel Knight, Plague of Shadows

Join the dark side with Skazz and switch to Ubuntu. And make sure a buy a Beebox not a Beatbox

Shoot health into your friends, with the now F2P MMO Wildstar

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz, and Bard

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