Rand(Nerds); Episode 75

Welcome to episode 75

We kick off with our plans for next year for a 24 hour livestream hopefully for charity.

We then get onto the main  game talk with Skazz kicking us off by talking about command block in Minecraft, leads to his child destroying the world. We also talk about various story from the servers we’ve playing, including Skazz bad neighbours and Ram wish for destroying the world.

TheSuffolkRam has been playing a couple of games, first a previously mention VR sickness inducing game Emily Wants to Play. IT’s a first person free roaming Five Night at Freddie’s inspired game, very cheap but very basic. Hes also been playing a text based game based round hacking with Code 7. We also talk more Hacking games and game with limited interfaces.

Ram has also been watching season 2 of The Expanse, a hard sci-fi series about a possible alien incursion into our galaxy and the politics between the three main factions.

Finally we talk about the fact that AI has now beating Captcha potentially spelling the end for this annoying feature. And our hatred of modern website designs and security.

We also talk about Agricultural Degrees and Computer courses and our own development. Also the Alien films and computer games.


Destroy the world with Minecraft

A cheap slightly scary game with Emily Wants to Play

A game about hacking computers with Code7

A very enjoyable hard Sci-fi with The Expanse

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

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