Rand(Nerds); Episode 77

Welcome to episode 77

Straight from the streets of Lowestoft, Middlemeiseter has returned!

Skazz kicks us off talking about Skyrim on the Nintendo switch, and we can revel it is still broken! We talk about the ports and improvements in the quality since the technical problems of the original release, We discuss archers and our tactics in Oblivion/Skyrim, scaling cliffs, creepy child adoption practises,  determined NPC’s  and dealing with vampirisim.

He then moves onto Mario Odyssey and its problematic motion controls, hes talks about the game design issues and the new hat mechanic. We also talk about the Splatfests and how we deal with the decisions of which side to take via science

TheSuffolkRam has been make good use of his hand by playing Hacknet, another hacking simulation game. He talk about how the game nicely simulates using a terminal and creating the feel of being an actual hacker and why consistency in simulations are important.

Middlemeister has been burner rubber and petrol in Mad Max, an open world dystopian game featuring lots of killing and smashing cars up. RAC and AA cover not confirmed.

Middlemeister then talks about the recent released Marvel/Netflix TV series ‘The Punisher’. He talks about how it links to other series and how they transfer the violence from the comics to the series

Finally we move onto news, We do a brief followup to the ongoing Battlefront 2 lootbox saga. We then move onto the current fight over net neutrality in the US and what it is and what it could me for uk users

 We also talk about Sean Bean and his many various deaths in good film/tv series/games.


Experience the bugs of Skyrim, now on switch

Play with Hats in Mario Odyssey

Explore the world of terminal systems with Hacknet

Hope your insurance is up to date with Mad Max (warning, badly designed website)

Netflix mange to make another excellent superhero series with The Puinisher

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

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