Rand(Nerds); Episode 84

Welcome to Episode 84

A Short episode this week as both Skazz and TheSuffolkRam have had computer issues that has prevent much game playing this week. This continual into our actual podcast itself.

We start by comparing various computer issue, Skazz has been having fun with Linux, Firefox and Gnome shell. While Ram has been having problems with Windows 10 decided it did not like USB ports.

We then get onto actually games, Ram has been trying to record a Lets Play that failed, so he unleashed his inner retailer with Another Brick in The Mall. Running an out of town mega stores whilst also creating specialty shop stocking soda.

Skazz has also been playing Immortal Redneck livestrream and talks about the built in twitch integration and fighting his way to tops of pyramids with the gaming public trying to trolls him.

We learn Skazz method of controlling children by withholding games and how they are bypassing them.

Following on from our last month discussion on Red Dwarf, Ram has been catching up with the latest series, and gives his verdict, are they still funny?


Become a retailer with Another Brick in the Mall

Be trolled by other players with Immortal Redneck

Catch up with the latest Red Dwarf on Dave

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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