Rand(Nerds); Episode 85

Welcome to Episode 85

We’re a bumper podcast this week with both Middlemeister and long missing nerd Bard makes a return, along with his unique sense of humor.

Skazz kick us off with by talking about playing Phantasy Star Universe, He tells stories of dodgy AI that perfectly replicates online players, racist robots and horrible gameplay and prince Charlies robot form.

Bard has joined the dark side and switched to playing Overwatch. The team based multiplayer FPS from Blizzard, he talk us through the classes and his love of tracer.

When then move onto Middlemeister, who has been placing Wolfenstein 2: The new colossus. We discuss the story line and characters and the good and bad sides of Bethesda games.

Ram has been arming teachers and beating up depressed people in Rimworld, hears the story of his colony including people being kidnapped, the possibility of cannibalism and fires in food stores.

We then move onto an Anime that Skazz has been watching called and anime called Bakoun!! which bring back memory’s of his early days in biking.

Ram has also been watching a subtitle TV series with Le casa De Papel (know as “money heist” in other countries), a Spanish series about robbing the Spanish Mint

We also discuss the recent death of Stephen Hawking and his various TV appearance, and also the physics he did on the side


Stupid AI and raciest Robots in Phantasy star universe

See what tempted Bard to dark side with Overwatch

Fight Nazi in an alternative 1960 america with Wolfenstein 2: the new Colossus

Arm teachers and run out of food in Rimworld

Ever wounded about the joys of motorcycle ownership, get an idea with Bakoun!!

A series about robbing the Spanish mint with Le Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

The sad recent death of Stephen Hawking

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