Rand(Nerds); Episode 86

Welcome to Episode 86

Bard starts us off this podcast talking about the latest DLC for Armelllo, the turn bases tabletop like strategy games which we discussed a few episodes ago. He discusses the new characters including the previously kick starter exclusive ones, as well as the unlock system within the game and some of the general improvements.

Skazz has still been playing game amazingly, this time with Dragon Born Xenoverse a 3D arena fighting game based on the Dragon Ball series. We also discuss arcade game machines in the home and how well some games have aged over time.

Both TheSuffolkRam and Middlemeister have been playing Farcy 5 game set in rural Montana fighting Religious fanatics. We discuss how the game has been updated and the removal of elements from previous games for the better. and unwelcome addition of micro transaction.

We move onto TV series with Ram watching another Spanish series El Ministero Del Tempo , following a group travelling through time to stop people changing history.

We finish off by discussing the recent data breach (there a debate on the term) from Facebook and how the company you’ve been giving all your data too have been (surprisingly…) using it. We then move onto a discussion of social media in general and how much we are using it.

We talk about the correct method to delete memory from your brain and getting lost in Doom 2016 and how no one knows what Sapphire and Steel


We return to the turn base table top like game Armello

3D fighting game Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

Religious fanatics, gun-play and bull testicles in Farcry 5

Can’t be arsed to google for Bard strange manga? if you wish to do that search click here, or just follow this link to Wikipedia.

Watch timeless? here the series it was (supposedly) stolen from: El Ministerio Del Tiempo

The TV series from the 70s no one knows about Sapphire and Steel

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz, Middlemeister and Bard

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