Rand(Nerds); Episode 87

Welcome to Episode 87

We start off with TheSuffolkRam trying to not talk about Farcry 5 but hes end up doing so anyway.

Bard then kick us off property with discussing two CRPG: Arcanum and Divinity original sin 2. First up is Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. A Victorian era steampunk, where you can play as a special person. We talk about the beautiful music and how to do a steampunk in a world properly.

Skazz talks about Nier Automata, previously discussed by Middlemeister, Skazz misses the fact he is unfortunately not able to shout at him about the game. He gives a different view on the game by discusses how the story didn’t effect him and how and the characters throughout didn’t work for him.

Bard then carries on with talking about his other CRPG hes been playing Divinity Original Sin 2. He talks about the strange cast of characters such as an undead skeleton called Fane and a human with a deamon in her head. He talks about the depth and complexity of the story and the way characters can interact with each other.

We then move onto Skazz talking about Gal*Gun 2, the sequel to the very serious, hard hitting, in depth on rails shooter about being shoot by cupid and getting charged at by hundreds of girls. He talks about the change of mechanics in the sequel, and how it feels like it should by a VR game.

Bard revives and old section by playing a recently released board game called rising sun , set in feudal japan a game about political intrigue and back stabbing your friends. We discuss other similar games like Battlestar Galataca.

We also talk about the various episodes we’ve missed and the various ways to listen to us. We discuss the recently released Kingdom Come Deliverance without any of us having playing the final release and also Skazz’s dinner



Like victorain steam punk and fantisy? have a look Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Previous discussed with different view points: Nier Automata

Another more modern CRPG but also very good with Divinity: Original Sin 2

Only play if you can handle deeply serious subject matters with Gal*Gun2

Betray your mate and form uneasy alliances with Rising Sun


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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz, Middlemeister and Bard

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