Rand(Nerds); Episode 88

Welcome to Episode 88

Bard has still been playing CRPG with Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong. A cyberpunk meet fantasy RPG based on the tabletop game. Featuring blind ghoul samurai and dragon business leaders. He talks about the differences between the games and his preferred game play style.

Skazz has finally finished Doom 2016, but the big question is; on which platform? He talks about some of the bugs on the different platforms. We also discuss the Nintendo Labo and his kid thoughts on it. He also talks about the battle royal game Radical Heights, style after an 80s game show which reward ‘smashing through the window’ gameplay and we discuss the weirdness between fanbases.

TheSuffolkRam has been revisiting Alien: Isolation. an Horror games based on the first alien film, he talks about the learning AI of the alien and the immersive gameplay. Plus the nerds have a brief discussion of the plus and minis of the Alien films.

Ram give a scathing review of the first part of Lost in Space, discussing silly physics, illogical plots and poorly written plots.

Ram continues with his rants, this time moving onto the ending of Farcry 5 and the silliness of them. We discuss game endings and how very few of them are any good.

We also discuss BBC production methods, diet plans, glasses disasters, what makes an assassin and if there any good games with children in them



Keep in with the CRPG with two Shadowrun Games: Dragonfall and Hong Kong

On nearly as many platforms as Skyrim: Doom 2016

Got kids and a Switch? buy them a Labo to keep them entertained with

Got enough of Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royal? Give Radical Heights a go

Be scared by Xenomorphs in Alien: Isolation, and check out TheSuffolkRam’s lets play of it.

If you like illogical plots, give the new Lost in Space a look

Finally a rant the terrible ending of Farcy 5, watch it here.

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Bard

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