24 Hours of Awkwardness for Reasons – Our first 24 Hour livestream

Hi All

On the 9th of June 2018, at exactly just after 1pm, we started broadcasting our first (and hopefully not last) 24 hour Livestream on out Twitch Channel, We’d been planning this for almoust a year, well…. when i say ‘planning’ i mean we had the idea about a year in advance and organised everything about three days before the event.

Skazz had connected up his Nintendo Switch, Plus a Rasberry pie loaded with pretty much every game from every retro console. TheSuffolkRam set up his gaming PC with over a hundred games installed from his steam library and Middlemeister brought over his PS4 Pro to allow us to play some modern console game. After a few technical difficulties (Ram’s PC didn’t want to talk to the monitor or capture card) we kicked off

Ram kicked us off with out first game, he played about an hour on Sir, You are being Hunted. A stealth game from indie studio Big Robot, set in a procedurally generated world based on British locations, the ferns, rural, industrial, mountains and castles. He has to retrieve 17 pieces and return them to a central location whilst being hunted by Robots

Bard then takes control playing Beyond Oasis (know as the ‘The Story of Thor: A Successor to the light’ in the UK) a Mega Drive game where you have to fight an evil magic user with a silver amulet, using your own gold amulet you find at the start of the game.

Middlemiester then arrives, and we connect up the PS4 Pro and he shows us off the recently released God of War. playing Kratos on a mission to scatter his wife ashes at the top of a mountain. Joined by his son, he has to battle his way to the top

Skazz then kicks off playing our next retro game with Discworld, a classic point and click from the 90 were you play Rinsewind the wizard (voiced by Eric Idle). You have to investigate the sudden appearance of a Dragon in Ankh-Morpork. Skazz takes us through act one, before handing over to bard to play Act two.

We then have a brief 4 way battle with Worms: WMD, with all four nerds taking turns battling it out on the 2D map, who’ll emerge victorious in the group and beat all the other nerds into the ground?

Skazz and Middlemeister then return to the retro games, but this time using the PS4 megadrive collection to play Streets of Rage and fighting there way through as far as possible before Middlemeister sadly has to depart from the stream.

Ram returns once again back to the PC to play one of his all time favorties games: Rainbow Six: Raven Shield. We play on Terrorist Hunt mode playing the classic Map ‘Streets’ and the ‘Training’ map. Can Ram defeat an entire map of 35 Elite terrorists? Or will his many death drive him insane?

Ram then plays a short bout of Goat Simulator, in order for him have a ‘palate cleanser’ from the stress of Raven Shield

Ram then has a short go at the first level of Thief 2: The Metal Age. Exploring a classic stealth game playing as master thief Garret. Eventually hunger get the batter of Ram and he need to relent.

Bard then retake control to play and show Skazz the PS1 version of Discworld Noir. where you play as the discs first private eye. He talk about the differences between the PC and PS1 version as he play briefly the first part.

Bard then move onto the classic NES game Punch Out. playing as a boxer having to make it through bout after bout to get to the end.

Bard then move onto another classic retro game Fire Emblem. a tactical RPG game with turn based combat. Ram has to depart during this to have a light nap

Skazz and Bard then play the recently released ‘Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn’. a side scrolling beat them up that disappointed some of its kickstarter backers, which fitting given the original game was considered one the the worst game in history. Ram returns fully recharged just in time to watch them finish, before Bard has to depart

Whilst Ram is away, Skazz gets onto the switch and shows of Splatoon, playing a few games of turf war to paint the map, will he make the Cat happy?

Skazz then plays another beat them up with Garou:  Mark of the Wolves. using the rules of just one credit and seeing how far he gets. hes gets interrupted with the news of Ram being locked out, plus breakfast.

We then move onto and complete a game Skazz and Ram have been wanting to play for some time: Firewatch, the walking simulator from one the writers of The Walking Dead telltale game. We take on a roll of Henry, a man who took a job to watch for fires in a forest, just him and another watcher whom he speaks too on the radio. but things soon turn strange and there may be aliens involved

Finally, a special Guest, Inky, Skazzs wife, takes on the mantle of host, first by playing a game shes always wanted to have a go at: Spryo the Dragon. she rescues dragons and terrorises sheep.

Finally, Inky plays the last game of the stream Kingdom and Castles. watch her build and then watch the town burns down repeatedly

So at approx 13:30 pm on the 10th June 2018, the Rand(Nerds); first 24 hour live stream draws to a close. We had a great time and whilst glad it was over, are looking forward to doing another one in about a years time. for those who joined us, thanks for the support and for helping keep us going throughout the night. for those who were not able to make it, we hope you’ve enjoyed the videos above and can join us next year when we foolishly do it all again!


TheSuffolkRam, Skazz, Middlemeister and Bard. (oh, and Inky)



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