Rand(Nerds); Episode 91

Welcome to Episode 91

We kick off with us discussing Ram loudly updating dell laptop, and the joys of Windows update and how electronic devices are made, plus the joy of fixing other peoples PC’s.

TheSuffolkRam talks about our first game this week: The Room. Like a reverse escape room where he has to try and break into first a safe and then into the boxes within. We also discuss Ram’s first try at streaming on Twitch.

Skazz has a shock when Ram reveals hes never heard of the game Flashback, before moving onto discussing the various fighting games hes been playing including BlazBlue and Tekken Tag Tournament.

We talk about our recent 24 hours live stream, what we liked and our plans for changes going forward.

Ram then talks about the recent Netflix series Altered Carbon, a classic style Sci-Fi about human consciousness being able to freely transfer between bodies and the implications on society.

We also talk about how much we love speed running witch devolves into a discussion of the upcoming Fallout 76 and how we feel about playing an always online Fallout game. Plus the unknown downsides of wearing power Armour. Also, how Peter Molyneux is kept under control


Crack open a safe and solves loads of puzzels in The Room

You watch Skazz play games here, and Ram play games here.

Enjoy speedruns with Games Done Quick

The new upcoming Fallout 76

Plus some great fighting games with BlazBlue and Tekken Tag Tournament

Missed the live stream? you can watch all the games we played here on YouTube

Finally enjoy a Blade Runner esk sci-fi with Altered Carbon

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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