Rand(Nerds); Episode 93

Welcome to Episode 93

After finishing Ys VII, skazz has moved onto playing the original turbo cd version of Ys 1. he talks about old school game design and the various differences between the each version.

Middlemeister has been playing the most recent Assassin Creed  game: Origins. me talk about it changes form the rest of the series, and how Ubisoft games are designed. We also talk about pimping camels.

TheSuffolkRam has been been trying to survive as a civilian in a war torn country in This War of Mine. he talks about trying to survive and losing his humanity.

Middlemeister has been watching a Fringe, a J.J. Abrams series that has been talked about on Podcast before,  Middlemeister gives us his take on it. We also discuss the currently of popularity of Doctor Who

Ram carry’s on with watching his foreign language sci-fi TV series with the recently released Dutch TV series The Rain. Following a group of survivors in a world where a deadly virus is spread by water.

we discuss why we haven’t discussing splatfests and what should and shouldn’t be burnt on a fire and what we did during the Mayan apocalypse. Plus at long last, Skazz finally confronts Middlemesiter about Nier Automata. We also talk about the STALKER game series and the book and film its based on. Plus we learn about ruminant biology.


Classic gaming with Ys on the TurboCD

Explore ancient Egypt with Assassin Creed: Origins.

Try and survive a war in This War of Mine

Still an excellent Sci-Fi series with Fringe

Make sure you bring your coat if your in the world of The Rain

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TheSuffolkRam, Middlemeister and Skazz

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