Rand(Nerds); Episode 96

Welcome to Episode 96
Skazz carriers on with his Monster Hunter tread with MH: generations Ultimate, which has just been released for the switch. He talks about the difference to the Monster Hunter: World he was discussing last episode and how he prefers the gameplay in this version.
TheSuffolkRam has been curing clowns and shooting rats in Two Point Hospital. The ‘spiritual successor’/’unofficial sequel’ to Theme Hospital. he talks about the mechanics, humor and general fun he having.
Skazz talks about Valves latest update to Steam. The Proton system allows some Windows games to run on Linux. He talks about the new white-list that has been introduced for these game and how it a bit hit or miss.
Middlemesiter briefly talks about the upcoming Dark Souls Trilogy collection, Skazz and Middlemesiter talk about this hard and painful game and the joy it brings them.
TheSuffolkRam talks about a couple of TV series, first up is Mars, a half documentary/drama about how we will colonize Mars. He then moves onto Disenchantment, Matt Groening most recent animation series that try to do for fantasy what Futurama did for Sci-Fi


Skazz preferred Monster Hunter from this year, Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate

Save people lives with Two Point Hospital

Valve now helping Linux users to play windows games through Steam with Proton

All the pain in one placed with Dark Souls Trilogy

A strange combination of Documentary and drama with Mars

Matt Groening latest series with Disenchantment

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemesister

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