Rand(Nerds); Episode 98

Welcome to Episode 98
We’re joined this episode by a special guest, Inky, Skazz infamous other half, also homemade beer!
Inky kicks us off with a barrage of games: Holy potatoes! A weapon shop?!, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, Stardew Valley, City Skylines, Reigns: Kings and Queens, Armello for switch and a game called Paper for phone
Skazz has been replaying Spec Ops: The Line, he also finished playing Dear Ester Landmark Edition, same game but with acheviments. But manily hes been talking to his child and getting stuck in a tent in A Story about my Uncle.
TheSuffolkRam surprises Skazz for the first time tonight by reveling hes played Guild Wars 2. As a gamer who only played three MMO and not for very long. He talks about about what hes likes and how the game run
Ram carry’s on the surprises by watching Steins:gate and reading Ready Player One, we discuss and compare the Film and the Book.
We then move onto discussing the recent closure of Telltale studios, why it happened, and what the future hold for there recently released Season 3 of The Walking Dead which has not been finished.
We discuss what 4chan has contributed to internet culture, missing the days of teletext and when Ram got took for a ride by a boar. Plus Valve’s future and how we guess how the legal system works in the USA.


Inky numerous games list: Holy potatoes!: A weapon shop?!, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HDStardew Valley, City Skylines, Reigns: Kings and Queens, Armello

Skazz replay of Spec Ops: The Line, Dear Ester: Landmark Edition and A Story about my Uncle

Ram has been playing a game you would not expect with Guild Wars 2

Pick up the book version of Ready Player One to compare yourself with the film.

The recently closure of Telltale games.

For our younger listeners who may have never got to experience the joy of Teletext

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Inky

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