Rand(Nerds); Episode 100

We did it! we made it to episode 100! Welcome to our North Korea special!
After having our bit of cake, we begin with Skazz talking about another modern FPS with Wolfenstein the new colossus (SPOILERS AHEAD). We talk about some of the silly controversies around the game and how ridiculous they have become. The fun of the game play including the awesome throwing knives.
TheSuffolkRam has been playing the latest game from one of his favourite developers Big Robot. This time with the awkward title ‘The Light Keeps us Safe’.  Open-ish world survival horror stealth games that uses a light mechanic to interact and deal with killer robots around the world. He talks about the mechanics, the freaky robots and what has been produced so far.
Middlemeister has been playing Resident Evil 4 and putting children in bins as well as fighting mad Spanish people. He talks about the changes to the way the game plays compared to the first 3 and some of the interesting AI in the game.
Ram has been watching a cult classic MST3K, a series where they take the piss out of crap old films, and has not really seeing the funny side.
We also bore Middlemeister with coding talk and pathfinding. We also lose track discussing Resident Evil games and how to make horror films scary in  a world with mobile phones. We also discusses our ‘feelings’ on Star Wars.


A worthy sequel to the first Bethesda Wolfenstien game. Wolfenstien: The New Colossus

The new game currently in early access from Big Robot: The Light Keeps us Safe

A re-masted of a gamecube classic, Resident Evil 4 on the PS4

A cult series revived on Netflix Mystery Science Theatre 3000, plus see some of the originals here.

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

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