Rand(Nerds); Episode 101

Welcome to Episode 101
We kick off we Middlemeister talking about everybody favorite sequel to GTA wild west game Red Dead Redemption 2. He talks about the story, the amazing graphics, some of the strange gameplay design choices and horse testicles.
Skazz has been playing one of the best shooters in recent year Farcry 3, however his opinions have changed somewhat on it. We discuss how the combat, hunting and stealth systems have aged, and how great Vass is as a character.  This lead onto a discussion of different play styles of the Nerds
TheSuffolkRam has been investigating abandoned space ship with drones in Duskers using a command line interface, its very atmospheric and quite creepy.
We then discuss the new Breaking Bad film. with massive SPOILERS! for the end of Breaking Bad. We talk about why we don’t want a film and also our through on the last season and characters of the series.
Plus we discuss if Mark Zuckerberg a american citizen or even human.


A game We’re sure no-one has spoken about: Red Dead Redemption 2

Early 2010’s open world shooter FarCry 3

Exploring creepy ships with drones in Duskers

The film no one asked for, a follow up to Breaking Bad starting Jessie

Why the robots will enslave us in the future, here Boston Dynamics being mean to robot, first with big dog being kicked and Spot mini being prevented from opening a door

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

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