Rand(Nerds); Episode 109

Welcome to Episode 109, where we are all ill and may not survive to the end.

We start off with Skazz discussing a couple of games, first off: a warriors style game but with ninja girls in Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus. next, he has been getting bored with spaceship/planet exploring game No Mans Sky.

Ram still has been trying to survive Zombie attacks in 7 Days to Die and also exploring caves with Scanner Sombre

Middlemester has been trying to leave the Moscow underground in Metro: Last Light, stealing guitars and rescuing children.

We don’t talk much TV, but do end up somehow talking about Star Wars and our very differing views of the Star Wars movies


Fight for your chosen ninja school in Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

Do you enjoy wasting time and needless inventory management? then No Man’s Sky is the game for you!

Light up cave with a Tesco price gun in Scanner Sombre

Find out if the rest of Russia is safe in Metro: Exodus, plus check out TheSuffolkRam’s lets play of Metro: Last Light

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

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