Rand(Nerds); Episode 118

Welcome to Episode 118, Once again, sorry for the audio issues, we through we had sorted but failed to..

Skazz kicks us off talking about replaying Final Fantasy 7, and how going back to an old favorite game is sometimes a bad idea. We discuss how going back to games our tastes have changed and how viewing old games with modern eyes is sometimes not a good idea

TheSuffolkRam then talks about running a citys emergency services in 911 Operator and the trial and problems with bad interfaces.

We also look at the news that Frank Spotnitz (Man In The High Castle) is traing to adapt the Eisenhorn series of Warhammer 40k book to the TV. We discuss how well the 40k universe does and does not lend itself to being adapted and how we hope they don’t change the source material.

We also discuss our future as cameo artists in films, and the last of the splatfests – order vs chaos.


Relive FFVII, but be careful what you wish for

Save the city with 911 Operator

Can the creator behind ‘The Man In The High Castle’ bring Warhammer 40k to the TV?

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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