Rand(Nerds); Episode 120

Welcome to Episode 120

We kick off with talking about Skazz’s going cold turkey on sugar. We also discuss the UK sugar tax and companies reactions to removing out lovely sugar

For a brief change, we start off talking car racing with TheSuffolkRam regaling us about his visit to the British Touring Car Championship and how he found the day. Plus, a bonus talk on other sports

TheSuffolkRam has still been playing We Happy Few, he gives a brief update and some of the strange things hes been doing.

Skazz has nearly finished his Ys game playing by playing Ys 7 and currently Ys 5, the most disliked of the Ys games. Skazz discuss if the reputation is valid based on playing an English translation.

Ram has been watching part three of Money Heist, which follows on from the first two after the gang succeeded in robbing the Spanish Mint, one of the group get captured and held for torture.

Ram also play with dragon-fire by discussing the ending of Game of Thrones


You too can go see a few seconds of cars going around a track with the BTCC

Still on the Joy in We Happy Few

Is Ys 5 that bad? You can now play it in English thanks to a fan translation

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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