Rand(Nerds); Episode 128

Welcome to Episode 128

After youtube worries, we finally make a start with a beer can opening competition.

Skazz kicks us off with a lads road trip in Final Fantasy XV using google Stadia and has been stuck in technical support hell over an annoying save bug. Other then that he been having a grand old time in Top Gear meets Final Fantasy

TheSuffolkRam has been saying an emotional farewell to not just one of his favorite games series, but a character he’s been following for many years in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. When we find the end to Clementine’s story, also some reflection on the dead Telltale Studio.

We also talk about Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales new social media site WT.Social. its aims and the problems it may face.


Final Fantasy meets road trip in Final Fantasy XV, perhaps wait until Square Enix and Google has stopped arguing over has the bug

The end of Clementine’s story in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Good News, you can still purchase it on various platforms.

A possible challenge to Twitter and Facebook? Jimmy Wales takes them on with WT.Social

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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