Rand(Nerds); Episode 134

Welcome to episode 134, with wedding bells in the air, as Skazz has got married! To celebrate, we’re joined with two guests. ex-nerd bard, and all the way from Denmark, Zabermoul.

The guests start, with Bard talking about Sea of Thieves and some of the changes since we last played.

Zabermoul has been rekindling his love of the old Burnout games with Dangerous Driving, created by some of the same devs, with gameplay like the classic entries in the series.

Skazz has been playing very little due to wedding distractions, but he’s still playing Final Fantasy VIII and the Nintendo Switch version of Monopoly. He also talks about Neverwinter Nights series of games.

Ram has been hitting Zombies with multiples of weapons in Dead Island: Definitive Edtion.

We also discuss the complex situation with children not existing after marriage, and are ostrich’s really chickens?


Bard wasn’t dreaming, Chicken Limbo was real

Check out Zabermoul channel

Online piracy in Sea of Thieves

You too can plan your perfect wedding!

If you liked the earlier Burnout games, try Dangerous Driving

Hate fun and your friends/family? now you can experience the horrors of Monopoly on the Nintendo Switch

Smash Zombies in Dead Island: Definitive Edition

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz, Zabermoul and Bard

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