Rand(Nerds); Episode 136

Welcome to episode 136, Our first lockdown episode

We discuss how we’re coping with isolation and staving off the cabin fever.

Skazz has been completing day-to-day tasks for cute animals in the perfectly timed release of Animal Crossing.

TheSuffolkRam has taken a trip back in time with the old-school style game BattleTech , leading a mercenaries mech company in this turn-based game.

Plus we talk about Panic buying Warhammer models and magnetization, Ram game-making exploits and how to survive isolation.


Repopulate your deserted island with Animal Crossing

Lead your mercenary in Battletech

Plus, behold! ram Badly Painted Magnetic Riptide

Thanks for Listening, Come watch our next Livestream on the 11th April 2020 at 21:30 GMT+1 on our YouTube channel  and Twitch


TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

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