Discussing Doctor Who Season 10 Episodes 9-11 -SPOILERS-

TheSuffolkRam and Middlemeister meet up once again to discuss the recent three episodes of Doctor Who, The ‘Empress of Mars’, ‘The Eaters of light’ and ‘World Enough and Time’. Needless to say their are many SPOILERS, you have been warned.

We kick of by talking about ‘Empress of Mars’, another Mark Gatiss episode with B-Movie influences, we discuss the role of guest writers on arc episodes. What went wrong with the TARDIS, we talk about what we think of companion family’s and back stories and the remote possibility of us becoming one. We talk about references to previous series and if Mark Gatiss will continual writing episodes in the new series.

We then look at The Eaters of Light starting with a correction about the author. We then discuss the last of story of the old who era – Survival – and some of the charms of that era including bad cat animatronics. We talk about possible use of practical effects, and the humour of the episode, how often Doctor Who hits the reset button. our plans for how the fight cybermen including there involvement in the previous series.

We then come to ‘World Enough and Time’, what happen to the crew, BBC spoiling things and how HBO did better with Westworld, the origins of the next time trailer. the Horror of cybermen conversion. the return of John Simms master. Our liking of the concepts presented

Finally we close with discussing what we thinks going to happen in the finial of the series. The various Doctor’s regeneration’s and the lead up and location to the current Doctor’s. Actors who we believe will be the next Doctor, What the fate of Missy is and where her true loyalties lie, speculation on the Christmas episode, lack of support of Ram theory on Bill’s mother from the last discussion we did. We talk about the creator of the Daleks, Terry Nation, other good sci-fi series, a tv show that Middlemeister suffered through and Ram thankfully missed and was unaware of, and we forget who Alan Moore is.


One of the great cat animatronics from survival, as well as the 80s version of cat prosthetic’s with the cheetah people

Rand(Nerds); Episode 65

Welcome to episode 65

After a slightly wobbly start we start again more organised and back with using paper show notes. We kick off with TheSuffolkRam have been trying to prove he not a machine in The Turing Test by being lead through a series of test chambers with an AI talking to him.

Middlemeister has been catching up with some older game with The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear 5, Playing card games and sneaking around bases. We talk about our preferred Metal Gear Games and the relevant pros and cons of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 including game play and some crazy boss battles. We also talk about stealth games, including one of Ram most liked game with Thief.

Ram’s been watching a bizarre Urban Fantasy with the 1990s TV series Neverwhere. A Neil Gaiman series made originally for Comic Relief, and featuring people who can open doors and eating rats, it is also incredibly hard to find.

We briefly mention the death of Peter Sallis and the passing of Roger Moore

We find out what Skazz does to homeless people and how it ties into his game addiction. Ram and Middlemeister share their childcare tips, We flashback to the Space Barbarian film devised due to lack of sleep, Middlemeister rapidly brings our podcast to a close.



A Portal/Talos Principle cross over game with The Turing Test

Card gaming in The Witcher 3

Sneaking round bases in Metal Gear Solid 5

A strange Urban Fantasy: Neverwhere

Some recently loss to the world with Peter Sallis and Roger Moore

See Water in that catches fire


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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

TheSuffolkRam Rant’s – E3 2017 – Ubisoft Conference

TheSuffolkRam take a look at Ubisoft conference. Featuring a collaboration of Nintendo and Ubisoft with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battles, Another watch of The Assassin Creed Unity game. Racing with the Crew 2. Hes surprise to find South park is still a thing with two games from them: South Park The Fracture But Whole and South Park Phone Destroyer. What looks like a VR horror game with Transference. A PvP pirate game in Skull and Bonds. A action rhythm game with a weird show, Starlink including expensive toy ships with parts you’ll likely lose. Steep a Snowboarding and Skiing game. He get very excited about Farcry 5 including dogs that fetch guns and a return of the buddie system from Farcry 2. Finally, the long awaited sequel to a 15 year old platform with Beyond Good and Evil 2.

TheSuffolkRam Rant’s – E3 2017 – Bethesda Conference

Welcome to another of TheSuffolkRam’s opinis video on the E3 conferences, this time looking at Bethesda. He discuss the new VR version of there games Doom and Fallout 4, The new creation club feature, his lack of interest in Collectable card games, Skyrim coming to Nintendo switch. How much he can’t wait to get back into the shoes of Daud in Dishonoured: Death of the Outsider. E-sport with Quake champions including the upcoming tournament. and the weird set of bizarre videos with The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2: The new colossus.

TheSuffolkRam Rant’s – E3 2017 – EA Conference

TheSuffolkRam has just watched the EA conference from E3 2017, He give his thoughts on the announced games including the Battlefield 1 expansion set in Russia, FIFA 18 and he shows up his lack of knowledge of sports. Need for Speed Payback a game he thought was about racing. A Way out, a co-op game form the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The next Bioware game Anthem, NBA another sports game he knows even less about and Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Doctor Who: Season 10 – Episode 9 “Empress of Mars” – Review

Welcome to TheSuffolkRam’s review of Doctor Who Series 10, Episode 9 – “Empress of Mars”.

The Doctor, Bill and Nadole visit NASA just as they find a message on Mars written in English from the late 1800s. The Gang head to Mars to find out why, and in doing so run into there old enemy/alias the Ice Warriors.

He discuss the B-Movie vibe of the episode, how well he was engaged with the story and his dislike of Ice Warriors.