Rand(Nerds); Episode 63

Welcome to episode 63, A surprisingly long episode despite our lack of stuff to talk about

Middlemeister kicks us off by talking about Nier Automata, hes been battling robots from the moon, and switching between a number of games modes

TheSuffolkRam has not been playing games due to windows update, not graphic card, no sound, and not getting old games to play. He did manage to trey playing Alan Wake and the proceed to hate it. He did also try and play Pippa Funnells the stud farm inheritance, but could only get the poster maker working

Middlemesiter has been watching the TV adaption of Neil Gaiman American Gods series which includes people getting eaten by lady parts.

We also talk about the upcoming E3, the necessity of VPN’s in modern days and the advantages and disadvantages of them. and also the hack of the NHS and other systems by the WannaCry program

We also go off on one of our biggest tangent ever, thanks to out live stream viewers where we discuss and even give praise for windows, achievements in games, the state of out local high street including a massive review of various supermarket brands and other uses for RS components robotics kits


A game Middlemeister has been enjoyingNier Automata

A game recommends not the play with Alan Wake

A bit spartan this week as we didn’t talk about much stuff you’d actually be interested in

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

Doctor Who: Season 10 – Episode 6 “Extremis” – Review

Welcome to TheSuffolkRam’s review of Episode 6 of season 10 of Doctor Who- “Extremis”.

Following on from last week cliff hanger, the Doctor is summoned by the Vatican to investigate a book, that when anyone who reads, they commit suicide shortly afterward. He discuses the return of Missy, the Doctor’s Google glasses, Bill lack of attention and is Stephen Moffit pulling a bait and switch on us.

Discussing Doctor Who Season 10 Episodes 1-4 -SPOILERS-

TheSuffolkRam and Middlemiester meet up to discuss the first 4 episodes of Season 10 of Doctor Who, embarking on a spoiler fulled talk, you have been warned.

With “Pilot” we talk about Bill and previous companions, as well as the owner of disembodied voices in puddles. In “Smile” we talk about the future of Facebook, The Doctor and Bill abandoning children and we completely get author wrong.  Moving onto “Thin Ice” we look at interesting bad guys and good child acting, Finally with “Knock knock” we look at wooden acting and practical effects.

We also talk about predictions for the rest of the series, whats in the vault and look at the authors for the future episodes.


The un-filmed scene follow Amy and Rory leaving the series

Rand(Nerds); Episode 62

Welcome to episode 62, this month coming through the miracle of restream

In this episode Middlemeister has unfortunately gone ill so its back down to Skazz and TheSuffolkRam to keep things in order.

Ram has been chatting to a lonely 1980s AI in Event[0] in order to get home to earth. A enjoyable but very short expensive game so hes not got alot to say.

Skazz has been playing a game with school kids who turn into weapons on a deserted island (yes it is Japanese) in its got lot s of story, hit lot of people and good looking graphics but lot of typos in Valkyrie drive.

Skazz has been watching ‘The Finder’ a spin off from the highly scientific and realistic forensics series Bones. it features a man who find ‘things’.

In other news we reveal that getting middlemeister onto the podcast and getting rid of weird news has causes us to be kicked off our network, but don’t fear, we setting something else up for the futrue. Also how you can come speak to us on Discord.

We discuss the Humble Bundle monthly subscription, the Game of Thrones/X-Com cross over children series Animals of Farthing Wood, whats allowed on YouTube, ringing horses and how Ram’s mum plays games.


Talk to a lonely computer with Event[0]

Japanese school kids turning into weapons with Valkyrie Drive

A almost bearable forensic series Bones

The spin of series to the above with The Finder

Traumatize yourself and your children with The Animals of Farthing Wood

Help support charity and get lots of games with the Humble Monthly Bundle

Come speak to us on Discord

And yes, Kim is on Twitter (we’re sure it really him)

And as requested, what Ram did on the farm:

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

Rand(Nerds); Episode 59

Welcome to episode 59

Skazz has been playing Souls style game Nioh playing an starring a chilled waxed Irish/English/welsh bloke in japan, it follows the souls formula of being very difficult but very fun.

TheSuffolkRam has been scratching his far cry itch in the latest game Far Cry: Primal. Featuring psychic owls dive bombing and remote controlling saber tooth tigers.

Skazz has also been playing the most recent Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild. He has a rant about the changs made to the game for the release of Nintendo Switch. Otherwise am enjoyable game.

Middlemeister has been returning to fallout 4 and talks about playing a couple of the DLC with Nuka world and Far Harbor. Nuka world featuring becoming leader of all the raider in a theme park and Far Harbor.

Skazz has finally got round to completing a game he started year ago with Army of Two: Devils Cartel and the joy of trying to record a let play and couch co-op.

Middlemeister has been watching the new to Netflix series 12 Monkeys not unfortunately featuring Skazz, neon dinosaurs or guess who.

Skazz has a rant about video editing software, and why Sony Vegas is trolling his aforementioned Army of Two lets play. And also his issue with Adobe Premier Pro.

We talk about PS4 games soon to be available on the PC thanks to PlayStation Now, and also Microsoft rival Xbox Play

We also discuss our favorite and least favorite Disney films (Hint: Ram hates then all, bar one)


A hard souls like game in Nioh

The only game where you get an owl by taking drugs – Farcry: Primal

A fun game with a shameful console focus in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The only decent fallout 4 DLC: leading raiders in Nuka World and saving synths in Far Harbor

Play a game Skazz has finally finished playing the classic PS3 game Army Of Two: Devil Cartel

A Series sadly lacking in Dinosaur action with 12 Monkey

Streaming console games on PC with PlayStation Now and Xbox Play

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister