Rand(Nerds); Episode 66

Welcome to episode 66

We kick off with an amazing event, Skazz has been playing a game! We’ve mentioned it before, and rouge like FPS starting wizard called Ziggurat. Carrying on with the previously discuss games, TheSuffolkRam has been playing the Sims 3. He talks about designing himself in game, issues with fire, the correct priorities of households purchases. Him and Skazz triad stories of trapping and killing sims and slapping clowns. Middlemeister has also been playing a rouge like with Steam world Heist, raiding ships and shooting robots.


We then move onto discussing the recent E3 show (with Skazz abstaining), talking about corporate EA, Long winded Microsoft conferences. A cartoon like Bethesda and a slightly weird Ubisoft. Skazz and Middlemestier then lead us with the Sony and Nitendo conferences and we pick our games of E3.

We have a brief look and the start of the Steam sale


A game from the past episode with Skazz playing Ziggurat

Design your own sim and set fire to things with The Sims 3

Rouges like fighting with SteamWorld Heist

Watch the various E3 conferences here: EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

Discussing Doctor Who Season 10, The Final Episode and end of season chat -SPOILERS-

Welcome to TheSuffolkRam and Middlemeister discussion on the last episode of Doctor Who season 10, ‘The Doctor Falls’ as well as a look back at the season as a whole. Sorry for delay, we uploaded it but forgot to set it to public

We start off with very different opinions of the ending  episode of the series, Ram really enjoyed it and Middlemeister really disliked it, we look at the fates of Bill, Nardole and Missy, as well as discuss how previous companions have left the show.  We discuss the masters role in the episode and how he was rather wasted, as well as hanging plot threads and the return of the first Doctor

We then move onto looking at the season as a whole, We go through all the episodes and pick out both out top and bottom two episodes. We look at the structure of this season and talk about Peter Capaldi time as the Doctor, as well as who might be replacing him. Also Ram has a rant about sport programs delaying TV shows.

Discussing Doctor Who Season 10 Episodes 9-11 -SPOILERS-

TheSuffolkRam and Middlemeister meet up once again to discuss the recent three episodes of Doctor Who, The ‘Empress of Mars’, ‘The Eaters of light’ and ‘World Enough and Time’. Needless to say their are many SPOILERS, you have been warned.

We kick of by talking about ‘Empress of Mars’, another Mark Gatiss episode with B-Movie influences, we discuss the role of guest writers on arc episodes. What went wrong with the TARDIS, we talk about what we think of companion family’s and back stories and the remote possibility of us becoming one. We talk about references to previous series and if Mark Gatiss will continual writing episodes in the new series.

We then look at The Eaters of Light starting with a correction about the author. We then discuss the last of story of the old who era – Survival – and some of the charms of that era including bad cat animatronics. We talk about possible use of practical effects, and the humour of the episode, how often Doctor Who hits the reset button. our plans for how the fight cybermen including there involvement in the previous series.

We then come to ‘World Enough and Time’, what happen to the crew, BBC spoiling things and how HBO did better with Westworld, the origins of the next time trailer. the Horror of cybermen conversion. the return of John Simms master. Our liking of the concepts presented

Finally we close with discussing what we thinks going to happen in the finial of the series. The various Doctor’s regeneration’s and the lead up and location to the current Doctor’s. Actors who we believe will be the next Doctor, What the fate of Missy is and where her true loyalties lie, speculation on the Christmas episode, lack of support of Ram theory on Bill’s mother from the last discussion we did. We talk about the creator of the Daleks, Terry Nation, other good sci-fi series, a tv show that Middlemeister suffered through and Ram thankfully missed and was unaware of, and we forget who Alan Moore is.


One of the great cat animatronics from survival, as well as the 80s version of cat prosthetic’s with the cheetah people