TheSuffolkRam Rant’s – E3 2017 – EA Conference

TheSuffolkRam has just watched the EA conference from E3 2017, He give his thoughts on the announced games including the Battlefield 1 expansion set in Russia, FIFA 18 and he shows up his lack of knowledge of sports. Need for Speed Payback a game he thought was about racing. A Way out, a co-op game form the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The next Bioware game Anthem, NBA another sports game he knows even less about and Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Doctor Who: Season 10 – Episode 9 “Empress of Mars” – Review

Welcome to TheSuffolkRam’s review of Doctor Who Series 10, Episode 9 – “Empress of Mars”.

The Doctor, Bill and Nadole visit NASA just as they find a message on Mars written in English from the late 1800s. The Gang head to Mars to find out why, and in doing so run into there old enemy/alias the Ice Warriors.

He discuss the B-Movie vibe of the episode, how well he was engaged with the story and his dislike of Ice Warriors.

Discussing Doctor Who Season 10 Episodes 5-8 -SPOILERS-

Welcome to the next episode of out discussion of the next four episode of Doctor Who. A big Spoiler warning, we discuss everything in the episodes “Oxygen”, “Extremis”, “The Pyramid at the End of the World” and “Lie of the Land”. You can also watch our discussion of the previous 4 episodes here

We start with talking about oxygen and the neat concepts in the episode. including the interesting twist of the Doctor going blind. We also mention the series current restrained use of of CGI, the character of Nardole and his just right use and the author of the episode.

We then move onto talking about Extremis and discuss the possibility that we may actually be living in a virtual reality. We discuss the first appearance of the Monks and the intelligent of his companions. We look at the start of the new arc. And we almost forget to discuss Missy in the vault

During our discuss of the “Pyramid at the end of the world”, we talk about how the episode plays on into our fear of disease and viruses, poorly designed laboratory and incompetent scientists and also the power of the Monks.

Finally we finish up our episode round up discussing the Lie of the Land, Ram talks about one of his more outlandish theories about Bill which both confuses and not agreed by Misslemeister. We have different opinions about the episode conclusion of the end of the Monk arc and how Michelle Gomez steal all the scenes. plus we get visits by Ram dogs.

We then have a discion about the rest of series with the upcoming Ice Warrior episode by Mark Gatiss and our different opinions on his skills as a writer. We look at Stephen Moffat tenure as Doctor Who Exclusive producer, and the incoming Chris Chibnall. We talk about Doctor Lite episodes and who we want as the next doctor.


Watch the BBC 4 reinterpretation of The Quatermass Experiment Live


Rand(Nerds); Episode 64

Welcome to episode 64

Meddlemeister kicks us off this week with Resident Evil 7, looking for his girlfriend at an old plantation mansion featuring a scary family who like to kill or cut off each others limbs.

TheSuffolkRam has been playing the game that had a strange history in Prey, hes been having flashbacks to the polymorph from Red Dwarf and explains how he links games to alcohol.

TheSuffolkRam has amazingly been watching an Anime, along with Skazz called Blame!. Based on manga of the same name, set in a future with a city that decided to kill all its inhabitants.

Middlemeister has been watching a very violent show set in a wild west style town of Banshee, with a ex-con taking on the role of a sheriff and trying to reunite his ex girlfriend

Middlemesiter talks about the upcoming Farcry 5, one of Ram Favorited series which he managed to miss the announcement, this time set in america and featuring cows and tractors

We briefly discuss Alan Wake disappearing from Stem due to its music license running out. and also talk about the upcoming xbox pass and how most of us wont be touching it.


Be scared by a psychotic family in Resident Evil 7

Prey with a cameo of the Polymorph from Red Dwarf

Watch the film in either sub or dub with Blame!

A more violent series then Westworld? apparently so with Banshee

You can’t buy Alan Wake from steam

And if you must, the upcoming xBox pass

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

Doctor Who: Season 10 – Episode 8 “The Lie of the Land” – Review

Welcome to the TheSuffolkRam  review of Episode 8 of Series 10 of Doctor Who – “The Lie of the Land”.

Set six months after the previous episode, we come the conclusion of the Monk arc. Ram looks at how the episode resolves the situation and weather it lives up the previous episodes

He talks about the return of Missy and Michelle Gomez stealing the show. and also Toby Whithouse hit and miss career of writing episodes.

Rand(Nerds); Episode 63

Welcome to episode 63, A surprisingly long episode despite our lack of stuff to talk about

Middlemeister kicks us off by talking about Nier Automata, hes been battling robots from the moon, and switching between a number of games modes

TheSuffolkRam has not been playing games due to windows update, not graphic card, no sound, and not getting old games to play. He did manage to trey playing Alan Wake and the proceed to hate it. He did also try and play Pippa Funnells the stud farm inheritance, but could only get the poster maker working

Middlemesiter has been watching the TV adaption of Neil Gaiman American Gods series which includes people getting eaten by lady parts.

We also talk about the upcoming E3, the necessity of VPN’s in modern days and the advantages and disadvantages of them. and also the hack of the NHS and other systems by the WannaCry program

We also go off on one of our biggest tangent ever, thanks to out live stream viewers where we discuss and even give praise for windows, achievements in games, the state of out local high street including a massive review of various supermarket brands and other uses for RS components robotics kits


A game Middlemeister has been enjoyingNier Automata

A game recommends not the play with Alan Wake

A bit spartan this week as we didn’t talk about much stuff you’d actually be interested in

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TheSuffolkRam, Skazz and Middlemeister

Doctor Who: Season 10 – Episode 6 “Extremis” – Review

Welcome to TheSuffolkRam’s review of Episode 6 of season 10 of Doctor Who- “Extremis”.

Following on from last week cliff hanger, the Doctor is summoned by the Vatican to investigate a book, that when anyone who reads, they commit suicide shortly afterward. He discuses the return of Missy, the Doctor’s Google glasses, Bill lack of attention and is Stephen Moffit pulling a bait and switch on us.

Discussing Doctor Who Season 10 Episodes 1-4 -SPOILERS-

TheSuffolkRam and Middlemiester meet up to discuss the first 4 episodes of Season 10 of Doctor Who, embarking on a spoiler fulled talk, you have been warned.

With “Pilot” we talk about Bill and previous companions, as well as the owner of disembodied voices in puddles. In “Smile” we talk about the future of Facebook, The Doctor and Bill abandoning children and we completely get author wrong.  Moving onto “Thin Ice” we look at interesting bad guys and good child acting, Finally with “Knock knock” we look at wooden acting and practical effects.

We also talk about predictions for the rest of the series, whats in the vault and look at the authors for the future episodes.


The un-filmed scene follow Amy and Rory leaving the series