Doctor Who: Season 11 – Season Review Episode 1-5

In a breezy garage at TheSuffolkRam house, He and Middlemiester meet up in order to discuss how the season has been so far and where they feel the season is heading

We kick off with ‘The Woman who fell to earth’ looking at what we think of the new Doctor and the advantage and disadvantage of having lots of companions, the pronunciation of tongue and the filming format.

Next Up is ‘The Ghost Monument’, a different kind of episode featuring vicious cloth and the first look at the new TARDIS.

Then we look at the first historical episode of the season with ‘Rosa’. We talk about how the episode showed the harsh reality of segregation in the US but how it also crossed the line into preaching occasionally, we also talk about how good British people are at American accident

We then talk about our fear of spiders as we move onto ‘Arachnids in the UK’. We discuss how we feel about companions families are dealt with in the series, also are we going to see some Moffet monsters. We also talk about Christ North and how annoying Yasmin’s mum is.

Finally we move on the most recent broadcast episode: ‘The Tsuranga Conundrum’ we talk about the happy monster and the lack of ‘threat’ in the episode. We also talk about one of Ram’s favorite style of episode and if we are going to get a series ark.