TheSuffolkRam’s Lets Play: Bioshock – Part 3 – Medical Pavilion: Not Exactly the NHS

In this third part of TheSuffolkRam lets play, I carry on exploring Medical Pavilion, I use my new incinerate plasmid to gain access to the funeral parlours before heading downstairs and exploring the dentary section. I managed to grab a shotgun as well as the telekinesis plasmid. I use my new found ability to nearly lose a key and lock myself out of another area.

TheSuffolkRam’s Lets Play: Bioshock – Part 2 – Medical Pavilion: Emergency access

In this second part of TheSuffolkRam lets play, I head to the medical pavilion in order to reach emergency access and get to Neptune bounty. I find the access on lockdown and have to head into the rest of the Pavilion in order to find doctor Steinman and get his key. We start to explore the pavilion. We meet a new splicer (nitro) as well as getting a new incinerate Plasmid. We also encounter some of the first security cameras and turrets, and we get to have a go at hacking.

TheSuffolkRam Rant’s – Bad Rats Show – Review

Correction – I call the old PC game ‘The Impossible Machine’, it actually called ‘The Incredible Machine’

TheSuffolkRam reviews one of the cheap games he picked up in the recent Steam Sale – Bad Rats Show. Its a puzzle game along the line of the old pc game The Incredible Machine where you use a group of Rats with special skills to take revenge on cats.

TheSuffolkRam’s Maize – Lets Play – Part 7: Raising the last ring

Caution: Due to poor FOV this game can produce motion sickness

Welcome to the Seventh part of TheSuffolkRam’s Lets Play of Maize. After the tractor incident yesterday, I have upset the corn and need to find a way to play them their favourite song in order to get them to forgive me. After doing this I managed to get back inside the lab and have to play combative cranes with my least favourite corn. Finally, I’m able to raise the last ring and get deeper into the facility