Rand(Nerds); Episode 131

Welcome to Episode 131, this episode using battery power so against the clock

TheSuffolkRam has been playing Borderlands 3 using Stadia, he talks not just about the game, but also the experience of using the streaming service. He also talks about playing Destiny and how he’s an elite player.

After a small stutter with Dragonquest XI, Skazz has been playing a demake of a game he only played recently with the Pocket edition of Final Fantasy 15.

Ram has been experiencing bullet time by rewatching the late 90s sci-fi classic with The Matrix

We also discuss our listing habits and the various subscription services we partake of.


Guns with legs in Borderlands 3

Both Skazz and Ram have been enjoying Destiny 2

Can you make it further then Skazz in Dragonquest XI

A compressed FF game with the Console version of the Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV

Dodge bullets in The Matrix

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

Doctor Who Season 12 – Episodes 1-5 Discussion

Hi guys, welcome to TheSuffolkRam and Middlemeister midseason review of Doctor Who Season 12. Full spoiler warning, we will not be holding back and revealing all the big secrets.

We Discuss and pass commentary on the first half of the season looking at the opening story, Spyfall parts 1 and 2, and discussing the shock return of the Master, and how the number of companions is both a hindrance and a help.

Then moving onto Orphan 55, the low point of the season with its overly fast-paced plot, contradicting character development, and strange costume choices.

Next up is Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror, An improvement but some odd plot choices. We talk about episodes featuring historical characters and how they are dealt with.

Finally, we get to Fugitive of the Jadoon, the amazing episode with all the plots twist, Captain Jack, Ruth the Doctor and the coming back of the cyberman.

We also give our thoughts, views, and predictions for the rest of the season. Plus a discussion on Doctor Who in general since its return in 2005.

Rand(Nerds); Episode 130

Welcome to Episode 130, our first podcast of 2020, and to celebrate the new decade, we’re doing a special episode for the occasion.

TheSuffolkRam and Skazz have been picking their games of the decade 2010-2019. The rules being they must new games or series released between those years. They are allowed one cheat game that breaks those rules.

For our first games, Skazz kick off with Destiny the multiplayer shooter from Bungee, the markers of Halo and Marathon, saving the universe from Aliens. meanwhile, TheSuffolkRam has been experiencing bleak Russian Sci-fi with his first choice, the Metro series.

Moving onto our next choice Skazz has gone for a blast from the past with a game he discussed on our very first Podcast, Hyperdimension Neptunia. Ram follow suit by discussing Dishonored.

Midway through our lists Skazz relive his Armored Core fantasy with the 2019 release Daemon ex machina. Ram similarly picks a game series that finished last year with Telltales The Walking Dead adventure game series.

We then move onto our penultimate choices, Skazz picking the Souls series of games and talks about the difficulty, Ram picks out the philosophic game SOMA and discuss the idea of brain downloading.

And finally, our last choice of game Skazz is split between Steins;gate, Senran Kagura, but finally settles on Asura’s Wrath. Ram finishes off with explaining his love of the Far Cry series.


Skazz’s choices: Destiny, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Daemon Ex Machina, Souls games, Steins;gate, Senran Kagura, Asura’s Wrath

TheSuffolkRam choices: Metro, Dishonored, Telltales: The Walking Dead, SOMA, Far cry

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

Doctor Who: Season 12 – Episode 2 “Spyfall Part 2 ” – Review

TheSuffolkRam reviews Episode 2 of Doctor Who Series 12.

After the shocking ending last week with the return of the Doctor’s Old Adversity, the master, the gang find themselves trapped on a crashing plane with the Doctor transported to some strange place.

They have to survive against a corporation that knows everything about you. Meanwhile, the Doctor has to make her way through time in order to save the future.

Doctor Who: Season 12 – Episode 1 “Spyfall Part 1 ” – Review

Sorry for the lighting, my normal filming lights have both died so have been using just normal room light

With the return of Doctor Who, TheSuffolkRam once again returns to give his thoughts and feelings on each of the episodes.

This week hes look at the Doctor donning her tux in order to deal with a load of dead spys across the world. Plus a shocking ending.

You can see Lenny Henry parody of Doctor Who from the 80s here

Plus Stephen Fry previous Doctor Who appearance in the early 2000 webisode Death Comes to Time

Rand(Nerds); Episode 129 – Christmas Special 2019

Welcome to Episode 129, our 2019 Christmas Special

Skazz has still been fighting the internet and making our favorite dictator Kim in The Sims 4. Turns out he doesn’t like Donald Trump, and has some surprising stories in his Sim Life.

TheSuffolkRam has been suffering a pretentious developer in Awkward Dimension Redux. A game that feels like the author watched some Unity tutorials, copied them and published them.

We then move onto our Christmas Activities: First starting with ‘letters’ from our ‘listeners/viewers’, plus we look at our Steam libraries and how much of our lives we need to dedicate to finishing them.

Finally, we move onto our Game of the Year, We Look through our games list from the previous year and pick out a few Honorable mentions (Skazz has a weird definition of ‘honorable mention’). We discuss our shortlist and make our final choices.


Make your own dictator in The Sims 4

The best of teen pretentious in Awkward Dimension Redux

Find out how much of your life you would need to dedicate to complete your steam library at HowLongToBeatSteam.com

Skazz GOTY’s Astral Chain, with Daemon Ex Machina and Samurai Shodown a close runner ups

TheSuffolkRam’s shortlist includes: 7 Days to Die, Scanner Sombre, Everything, Far Cry New Dawn, Return of the Obra Dinn, We Happy Few. His final choice of Subnautica

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

Rand(Nerds); Episode 128

Welcome to Episode 128

After youtube worries, we finally make a start with a beer can opening competition.

Skazz kicks us off with a lads road trip in Final Fantasy XV using google Stadia and has been stuck in technical support hell over an annoying save bug. Other then that he been having a grand old time in Top Gear meets Final Fantasy

TheSuffolkRam has been saying an emotional farewell to not just one of his favorite games series, but a character he’s been following for many years in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. When we find the end to Clementine’s story, also some reflection on the dead Telltale Studio.

We also talk about Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales new social media site WT.Social. its aims and the problems it may face.


Final Fantasy meets road trip in Final Fantasy XV, perhaps wait until Square Enix and Google has stopped arguing over has the bug

The end of Clementine’s story in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Good News, you can still purchase it on various platforms.

A possible challenge to Twitter and Facebook? Jimmy Wales takes them on with WT.Social

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz