Rand(Nerds); Episode 11

This episode we move fully into the 21st century by doing our first livesteam. It will be a cleaner podcast as Luke is banned from swearing. We discuss Final Fantasy 7 with Nick probably being the only gamer in the world who hasn’t played it and managed to miss the Deus Ex: HR homage to it. Luke discusses the Japanese mech game Gundam Breaker. We also talk about how Duke Nukem needs to mature and game for people who like smashing things with Lego Lord of the Rings. We look back fondly at Gamespy and discuss its shutdown, we also learn Nick is easily scared and Adam can’t tell his ovis aries from his Capra aegagrus hircus.


Relive/Try a 17 year old classic with some crap Square Enix stuff on top with Final Fantasy 7.

Enjoy the in depth ‘Squiggle Writing’ with Gundam Breaker.

Are you the sort of person who enjoys smashing and collecting things? try the Lego series.

Worried about Gamespy shutting down, try Gameranger.

Want to enjoy a really in-depth character from the past, see Duke Nukem.

Any game can be improved by adding Monty Python to it, see fluxx for example.

The fantastic original and excellent sequel to Deus Ex

Learn how to preform proper stealth with Thief 2

Also See Adam, Luke’s and Nick’s alternate lives

The non-mystery dumping of a game that tried to kill Atari – ET: The Extra Terrestrial

Where are they now? the Dead or Alive Actresses

What you own Kim Jong Un? Now you can!

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Why not come join us on our next livesteam on the 23rd of May at 21:30 GMT+1 on youtube.


Nick, Luke and Adam

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 – Review

NOTE: this review will be as spoiler free as possible, but may hint at the ending to the previous episode and plot lines from the main game. Consider yourself warned!

2014-05-08_00001The game starts nice enough

So we come to the final part of Booker and Elizabeth story. Burial at sea gives three for the price of one by concluding Bioshock infinite, Burial at Sea a few gaps in the original Bioshock story line. So don’t play this unless you want all those games spoiled. It starts simply enough, you in Paris, playing as Elizabeth, you know this as within a few seconds an artist shows you a portrait of you with your name on it, and also most NPC talks to you by name.

2014-05-08_00003 #
You know it Paris cause there an artist…

2014-05-08_00004 …and accordions….

2014-05-08_00005 …and freaky clowns….

2014-05-08_00006 …and a silly dog, all we need is a guy on a bike with onions and we have every French cliché in one section

But within a short space of time your back in rapture shortly after the event of the previous game. And running into another familiar face in the form of atlas. And due to another convoluted set of actions you end up working for him. I cant say any more about the story without spoiling it. But I can say its good and does give a proper conclusion to what was started in infinite.

2014-05-08_00014 Atlas, way and more of a dick in this game.

Gameplay wise, its wants to be played as a stealth game, but it can be run a gunned if you really want to. Enemy’s now have icons above their head showing their alert status, similar to Dishonoured, allowing you to sneak around quite effectively. You can also do sneak attacks on unaware enemys (although you could do that somewhat in the first games). Dispite this being tacked on it does work quite well and i managed to make my way around the levels pretty easly.

2014-05-08_00023The bars fill up as guards become more aware of you

You also get some new tools and toys the add to the new gameplay. The crossbow returns, this time loaded with tranquilliser darts (but it can also take different types) which allows you to quietly take down enemy’s from a distance. You also have a chance to retrieve the arrows off fallen enemy’s so it actually quite hard to run out of ammo, I rarely had to re-buy new darts, which is a nice touch.

2014-05-08_00018 Every game should have crossbows in it

There are a couple new plasmids, one I found useful, one I barely used. The first is the peeping tom plasmid and basically ties in with the whole stealth system. Just using it allows you to see enemy’s through the walls, and holding it allows you to turn invisible. Initially it does not last to long, but soon after you get an upgrade (which are now found in canisters instead of being brought, this does mean if you miss one and go to a different level you lose it forever), this allow you to see enemy’s and remain invisible indefinitely using no eve as long as you don’t move. This does make the game a bit of a cakewalk but allows you to be a proper stealth predator. It very similar to the gene tonic you get from researching Houdini splicers from the first game.

2014-05-08_00027The peeping tom plasmid really helps with stealth

2014-05-08_00028 Plasmids are now upgraded using canisters

there is the new lock picking game. It pretty simple. A cutaway shows you the inside of the lock, your pick moves randomly across all the pins, the goal is to hit the blue or the white pins, doing so will unlock the door, and if you hit a blue pin you’ll get a noise maker arrow for your crossbow. A red pin will set an alarm off alerting enemy’s to your position, but nicely the door will still unlock meaning you cant waist lock picks and get stuck.

2014-05-08_00016 The new mini games is one of the better lockpicking game I’ve played

Combat is pretty similar to the previous game, there are no more of the silly pneumo-lines from the episode 1 that turned rapture into Columbia. you also some across a few places where enemy will fight each other representing the start of rapture civil war. A few guns return from the previous episode, but I found myself sneaking my way through most combat and not having to run and gun. but overall it still fun and a lot of the environments and really interesting to fight over.

overall, Episode 2 is an excellent ending to the bioshock series (and it does semi end the series). if you’ve played the other part then I would differently purchase this.


Rand(Nerds); Episode 11 livestream

Hi all

We’ve just completed our first livestream. Our goal is to do one every other week. This wont replace the podcast, but what you’ll see is what you hear in a when its released. Hope you enjoy!



Rand(Nerds); Episode 10

SPOILER ALERT: We discuss the recent series of Jonathan Creek with forewarning of spoilers. This episode we display an inability to move on any new section and going off topic more often then normal, only one of us has been playing a game recently, Nick been recording and pissing off people in Deus Ex: The Fall. We talk about Valve’s new film Free To Play and our dislike for DOTA 2 and how we need peace between all gamers. We look into drinking on the podcast and going to the Red Dragon Inn. We carry on working on getting threaten by North Korea and ending up on a Government blacklist and plan out a dictators DnD game followed by a podcast. We also discuss the massive price for GalCiv 3 Alpha and being charged for a Demo of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero.


Experience the combination of poor voice acting and great game play with Deus Ex: The Fall

See how Dota 2 ruined the lives of 3 gamers with Free To Play

Experience quirky British humor and mystery with Jonathan Creek

Have a childhood that Nick missed out on with Adventure Time

Get yourself drunk (either in reality or in game) at the Red Dragon Inn

Pay through the nose for GalCiv 3 or a Demo of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero

Solve your own murder in Shadow of Memories

And relive the joy of Thundertits with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth

Finally, see some scammers as you’ve never seen them before

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Until next time guys


Nick, Luke and Adam

Rand(Nerds); Episode 9

Welcome to the new highly professional, PC and positive podcast! To start with we complain about the new Thief game, we discuss four table top games Mice and mystics, Descent, Lords of Waterdeep and Munchkin. A new game to scare you from playing on your PC with Alien Isolation. We also talk the upcoming death of Window Live and EU proposing to ban the term ‘Free to Play’. Plus a bonus feature, hear what happens to thorny as gets slowly drunk over the course of the podcast!


If you really must, you can look at Thief (Don’t forget to read our review first)

Fancy a tabletop binge? try Mice and mystics, Descent, Lords of Waterdeep, Munchkin

Experience the terror of the Nostromo crew with Alien Isolation

Anything you think we should talk about? Weird news to blow Luke mind with? Or just want to ask us a question? You can email us here.

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Until next time guys


Nick, Luke and Adam