Games Night 2020-09-01: Fall Guys (Zaber’s Favorite Game)

Welcome to another Rand(Nerds); games night, this week we carry on with the ‘it’s a Knockout’ type game Fall Guys. We once more guide our wobbily people across foam padded courses and avoid slime in order to win crowns.

Will TheSuffolkRam ever make the final? Will Sk4zzi0us game ever let him exit? Will Zabermoul ever get to play football? Find out in tonights episode

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Games Night 2020-07-14: Sea of Thieves (Getting our sea-legs)

Aaaarrrgggghhhh! Me Hearties, welcome to another Rand(Nerds); Games Night, this week delving into the deep ocean of Sea of Thieves.

Experienced pirates Skazz and Zaber show former landlubber Ram this high seas, as he get clothes and takes on his first Tall Tale in the Sea of Thieves

You can join us on our next game night on Tuesdays at approx 20:00 GMT. Watch either Skazz or Ram’s streams below


Rand(Nerds); Episode 141

Welcome to episode 141, Kicking off with discussing of our preferred lockdown supermarkets, and negotiation with Covid-19

Skazz kicks off with discussing the now western relase of Phantasy Star Online 2. A games that has been out in Japan for appormently 8 years. They’ve made a number of changes to the game, which Skazz is less then please about.

TheSuffolkRam has been playing very Deus Ex feeling cyberpunk game with Observer, a mostly walking simulator with some survival horror elements. A really deep dark word involving mind rape, nanobots that eat people, and a big evil corporation.

We talk about out newest feature, the Rand(Nerds); Game Night. We’ve played a couple of games. A co-op puzzle game We Were Here in which skazz freezes to death, drowns, and gets stabbed. whilst Ram gets murdered. Plus how we got totally owned in Hunt Showdown.

Ram talks about his continuing delve into HOTAS gaming, and his strange key configs.


Rapid leveling in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Explore peoples minds as a cyberpunk police officer with Observer_

Finding Observer_ FOV sickening? Here a guide to fix that.

Check out our Game Night videos here.

Our first two Game Nights games: We Were Here and Hunt: Showdown

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz