Games Night 2020-07-28: Sea of Thieves (Pt 1: Parking and sinking)

Welcome to another game night, we had such a long evening, we’ve had to split our video into two parts!

We join our crew Zabermoul and TheSuffolkRam as they’ve committed mutiny and left Skazz behind, mainly because of his connection problem.

We find some interesting ways to park a boat, and have our toughest fight yet taking on the evil Captain Briggsy

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Rand(Nerds); Episode 135

Welcome to episode 135, this episode Skazz celebrating his two-week anniversary.

We kick off learning about Rams Student days including being locked out and toilet roll chicken. Also a bonus tractor potential injury incident.

When we finally get onto games, Skazz admits to returning to the updated Sea of Thieves but only briefly

TheSuffolkRam has been conserving oxygen and discovering communists on distance world in Lifeless Planet

We also give a brief shoutout to Ai Dungeon, a role-playing text-based adventure where the DM is controlled by an AI.

We discuss the very poorly played game of Plague Inc. that we are all living through at the moment, including TheSuffolkRam’s mothers panic buying


Once again, Skazz has been sailing in Sea of Thieves

Like jumping puzzles? you’ll like Lifeless Planet

Let the AI guide you in AI dungeon

Cheesy space marine player, introducing the Kroot Conga Line

The scary future of AI with unicorns!

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz

Rand(Nerds); Episode 129 – Christmas Special 2019

Welcome to Episode 129, our 2019 Christmas Special

Skazz has still been fighting the internet and making our favorite dictator Kim in The Sims 4. Turns out he doesn’t like Donald Trump, and has some surprising stories in his Sim Life.

TheSuffolkRam has been suffering a pretentious developer in Awkward Dimension Redux. A game that feels like the author watched some Unity tutorials, copied them and published them.

We then move onto our Christmas Activities: First starting with ‘letters’ from our ‘listeners/viewers’, plus we look at our Steam libraries and how much of our lives we need to dedicate to finishing them.

Finally, we move onto our Game of the Year, We Look through our games list from the previous year and pick out a few Honorable mentions (Skazz has a weird definition of ‘honorable mention’). We discuss our shortlist and make our final choices.


Make your own dictator in The Sims 4

The best of teen pretentious in Awkward Dimension Redux

Find out how much of your life you would need to dedicate to complete your steam library at

Skazz GOTY’s Astral Chain, with Daemon Ex Machina and Samurai Shodown a close runner ups

TheSuffolkRam’s shortlist includes: 7 Days to Die, Scanner Sombre, Everything, Far Cry New Dawn, Return of the Obra Dinn, We Happy Few. His final choice of Subnautica

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TheSuffolkRam and Skazz